Staff numbers soar at Goldman's Indian operations

Staff numbers soar at Goldman's Indian operations

The Bangalore operations of Goldman Sachs will soon surpass Tokyo as the US investment bank's third office by headcount, according to a Financial Times report.

Goldman's Bangalore operation currently employs around 1200 staff including software developers, back office transaction processing staff and research analysts who produce the data for research reports.

According to the FT, the Bangalore office will soon overtake Tokyo - which currently employs 15,000 staff - to be Goldman's third largest office by headcount behind New York and London.

Bank executives told the FT that the Bangalore unit has been fully integrated with Goldman's global operations and staff produce work on-par with workers at other offices around the world.

Goldman said last year that it was outsourcing more middle and front office functions to India as part of a $30m investment in building up its offshore services facilities.

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