IBM guns for branch data centres

IBM guns for branch data centres

IBM has launched an integrated, blade-centric platform for running bank branch infrastructure operations.

The IBM Systems Solutions for Branch Banking package is being promoted as a pre-configured, pre-tested, scalable and easy to maintain platform that can be used to consolidate branch infrastructure.

Purpose-built to operate on modern Intel Xeon-based IBM BladeCenter and xSeries platforms, the application suite includes software, networking and security features so that administrators can monitor operations and centrally deploy software to branch locations. It also provides functions and services that can be used with in-branch applications, such as wireless networking, local storage backup and restore, and management of automated teller machines (ATMs).

The initiative has met approval with IBM banking customers. Luis Francisco Rivas Dueñas, chief information officer of Banco de la República, the Central Bank of Columbia, says: "We can capitalise on IBM's expertise to further collapse multiple tiers of our computing operations into a more efficient, less complex infrastructure. This solution includes tailored features such as extra security and networking applications that meet our specific needs as a financial institution."

In a related development, the vendor is also recruiting pilot retail banks to test the latest iteration of its Virtualised Hosted Client Infrastructure portfolio with BladeCenter, VMware and ClearCube. The system is designed to host multiple desktop users on a single blade and utilise Clear Cube Grid software for efficient allocation of resources.

IBM Global Services (IGS) is currently enrolling customers for pilot proof of concept implementations.

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