SCM signs $2.5 million Internet banking deal

SCM signs $2.5 million Internet banking deal

California-based SCM Microsystems, Inc. has won a $2.5 million contract to supply Croatia's Dalmatinska Bank Zadar (DBZ) with smart card readers for the bank's PKI solution.

DBZ is the first bank in Croatia to roll out smart card-based Internet banking to its 120,000 business and private customers. Beginning in February 2001, SCM will provide terminals to DBZ customers who will then have a secure way to communicate online with the bank, as well as making payments and other transactions over the Internet.

DBZ's selected terminal, the E-25, offers strong security and a range of access options. Using a PIN code, DBZ customers can connect the E-25 to a PC via USB or serial port for secure authentication and account access. When used with a smart card and PIN, the terminal will also generate a unique access code, enabling the device to function as a stand-alone certifier for secure telephone banking.

Marina Bozicev, general manager, information technology, DBZ, says smart cards present the safest electronic means of payment in the world and offer customers a secure and simple manner of paying bills through the Internet. "As a bank which prides itself in offering innovative products to our customers, we wanted to be the first Croatian bank to provide secure Internet banking. SCM is well known for its expertise in smart card readers and the technology supplied is of a very high standard. We are looking to extend this system into other banks and will work closely with SCM in 2001 to achieve this," says Bozicev.

"SCM Microsystems' smart card readers effectively address the intricate levels of security embedded in applications such as enterprise security, PKI infrastructures, home banking and e-commerce," adds Mladen Filipan, executive vice president of PC security for SCM Microsystems.

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