Citi offers free iPods for new online accounts

Citi offers free iPods for new online accounts

Citibank has begun offering free Apple iPod Minis to new EZ Checking account customers.

Consumers must open the account online, fund it with $2,500 and pay 2 bills online each month for 12 consecutive calendar months.

The new incentive programme bests Citi's previous promotion, in which new customers were promised a $200 cash deposit after operating and maintining an online account with bill payment for a minimum 14 months. The Apple iPod Mini currently retails for $249.95 and is despatched to customers after they pay their first bills online.

The offer - which has been running since mid-December - has provoked interest on Internet message boards, with some unscrupulous souls opening accounts and setting up twice-monthly low-value reciprocal auto-payments with family members in order to qualify.

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