Swift showcases new interface capabilities

Swift showcases new interface capabilities

At Sibos this year, financial messaging network Swift is showcasing its new entry-level interface product SwiftAlliance Messenger, developed as part of a broader strategy to revamp the product portfolio for connectivity to SwiftNet.

This new addition to the SwiftAlliance interface range allows users to access InterAct-based SwiftSolutions by providing manual entry capability for XML structured messages.

Using SwiftAlliance Messenger, the complexities of XML-based standards are hidden from the user as messages are presented in a simple, graphical display, making them easy to create and process.

The interface is low cost and priced to attract new users with fewer counterparties by removing the initial software fee and security costs of connecting to SwiftNet and replacing recurring costs for software maintenance, security, and other charges with a simple annual bill.

While the SwiftAlliance Gateway product provides the complete SwiftNet single window interface, Messenger has been designed for smaller users or anyone who needs manual entry capabilities for InterAct-based messaging, such as SwiftNet Cash reporting or SwiftNet Funds.

Kosta Peric, director, head of product management, Swift, says: "We’re consolidating the number of interfaces used to access SwiftNet services and thereby maximising the cost-cutting abilities of the single window concept. SwiftAlliance Messenger is an important product for us in this regard and it will evolve to encompass a broader range of messaging in the future."

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