European banking IT managers stressed out by workload - Synstar

European banking IT managers stressed out by workload - Synstar

Almost half of IT directors at European financial services firms say managing their increasing workload is the most stressful part of their jobs, according to a survey conducted by managed IT services provider Synstar.

Of the European IT directors surveyed that work in the banking industry, 43% say the most stress comes from having to manage an impossible workload. A massive 95% of banking IT directors take work calls out of normal working hours and 91% say their personal relationships are suffering as a result.

The economic climate is also adding to the burden, with 43% number stating this as one of their top concerns.

Synstar says the stress is so intense that 35% of banking IT directors fear for their job security - troubled by pressure to derive ROI from IT (39%), to cut costs (78%) and to keep IT systems secure (43%).

Other factors pushing IT directors to the brink are the demanding targets from bosses (20%) and a feeling that they're losing control (22%).

Russell Flower, director of managed services at Synstar, says today's IT directors wear two hats - on one it says 'IT strategist' while the other reads 'IT fire-fighter', but there aren't enough hours in the day to wear both.

Flower says companies can avoid this situation by handing over the infrastructure maintenance, network monitoring and desktop support to third party firms: "These 'external' IT professionals can manage processes more efficiently and more cost effectively against guaranteed service levels. Delegating that headache enables the IT function to spend more time wearing the strategist's hat and adding value to the business."

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