Spanish savings bank signs with Safewww

Spanish savings bank signs with Safewww

Barcelona-based savings bank Caixa Terrassa is to implement Safewww's IDshield to authenticate customers transacting over the Internet.

The Caixa Terrasa contract follows the signing of a distribution deal between Israeli-based Safewww and Spanish systems house Inorme, which provides applications and services to the national savings bank community.

Caixa Terrassa plans to initially roll out IDshield to its business clients, and then to the estimated 25,000 of its account holders that will bank from home via the Internet in 2001. A pilot programme is currently underway. The bank says it will also explore the introduction of the technology at its branch-based PCs and across its ATM network.

Joan Davi Ferrer, projects manager of Caixa Terrassa, says: "We researched various authentication products, and were introduced to IDshield by Inorme. We found Safewww's identity protection solution to be the simplest-to-use and most cost-effective solution that can help us increase customer confidence and decrease transactional fraud."

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