BT click&buy launches mobile micropayments service

BT click&buy launches mobile micropayments service

UK telco BT has extended its online micropayments service, BT click&buy, to enable account holders to pay for purchases using mobile hand sets.

The BT click&buy service was launched in September 2002 and allows users to set up an online account to pay for digital content and services, purchased from partner sites.

Content is purchased using a username and password and is credited to the click&buy account, which can be settled using credit or debit cards, online direct debit services or credited to BT phone bills.

The new functionality allows account holders to complete purchases of mobile-based content and services directly from their hand sets. Purchases are then debited to their click&buy online account rather than mobile phone bills.

Ian Price, chief executive, BT click&buy, comments: "We've responded to tangible market demand for remote payment authorisation, providing a solution that will allow consumers to buy mobile content and services in a secure and easy way.

"BT click&buy is now paving the way for revenue growth for anyone able to deliver content or services via a mobile handset."

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