Planaxis promotes Intelligent Monitoring for SwiftNet

Planaxis promotes Intelligent Monitoring for SwiftNet

Canadian IT firm Planaxis is unveiling its new Intelligent Monitoring for SwiftNet software, aimed at smoothing the transition for banks moving from X.25 to IP-based processing.

The product consists of 'intelligent agents' that monitor message traffic running over Swift interfaces for obvious defects.

Pascal Moreau, senior VP and general manager Europe at Planaxis, comments: "One of the main critical business issues for financial institutions is whether input and output messages are transiting correctly for all LTs and BICs.

"Detecting unit malfunctions in the SAG, SNL and SAA components is not sufficient in order to promptly take the good decision in a complex SwiftNet environment."

The package, which is receiving its first commercial outing at Sibos 2003 in Singapore, has already been proven during implementation at an undisclosed European custodian, says Moreau.

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