Coba launches NetDealing for derivatives

Coba launches NetDealing for derivatives

Paris-based Coba Technologies, a one-year old developer of solutions for low value derivatives trading, has opened for business in the UK markets.

The company's flagship NetDealing product is being pushed as an electronic trading platform for the inter-dealer market that enables banks and brokers to save time and money by automating low value OTC transactions.

"With the growth of electronic trading based solutions and increasing global competition, the banking and trading world is changing. NetDealing is an automated dealing system that brings tremendous time and cost savings over traditional phone based dealing," says Antoine Lesne, director, Coba Technologies.

NetDealing works by linking banks and traders in real time to an automated price matching engine using a secure Cable & Wireless virtual private network. The product features straight-through processing with full front, middle and back office integration says Lesne.

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