CaixaBank first in Spain to introduce Samsung Pay

CaixaBank first in Spain to introduce Samsung Pay

CaixaBank and its newly-launched mobile subsidiary imaginBank are to be the first in Spain to roll out mobile payments services on Samsung Pay.

CaixaBank launched its first mobile payment service, CaixaBank Pay, based on HCE technology, last September. The bank is an active partner of Samsung, however, running a series of promotional campaigns over the past few years to turn customers on to Samsung products, including tablets, televisions and smartphones.

The bank says Samsung Pay will be rolled out to customers over the next few months, following internal trials.

The handset currently works in more than 70% of stores in Spain that already operate with contactless technology, amounting to over 600,000 payment terminals. For payments over EUR20, customers will have to enter their PIN at the payment terminal.

CaixaBank's millennial-focused imginBank subsidiary was unveiled earlier this month, offering users a mobile app and a suite of services designed to plug into social networks and popular chat networks, including Facebook and WhatsApp.

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