Samsung to showcase NFC 'Smart Suit'

Samsung to showcase NFC 'Smart Suit'

A smart suit with an NFC tag embedded in the sleeve button, a purse which can recharge a mobile phone without cabling, and 'bio-smart' shirts that measure heartrate and respiration are to make their debuts at a tech show in Berlin next week as Samsung unveils its latest line of wearable fashion items and accessories.

The tech-heavy clothing from Samsung's C&T Fashion Division form part of the company's wearable platform, dubbed 'humanfit'.

Unlike the 'contactless jacket' that was shipped earlier this week by knitwear brand Lyle and Scott, Samsung's Smart Suit is not yet equipped for making purchases off the cuff. Instead, the tag connects to the user's mobile device to open up apps and exchange business cards over the ether, among other functions. The suit can be accessorised with Samsung's 'Perfect Wallet' and card cases that open up 'various NFC functions" through a mobile app.

‘On Bag’ is an IT-infused purse with a built-in battery module which can charge a smartphone without a cable, check battery remains and use the find-my-phone function.

Dubbed 'Body Compass, the bio-smart shirts come equipped with ECG (electrocardiogram) and EMG (electromyogram) sensors which track the user’s heart rate and respiration.

“Wearable technology has emerged as a key topic of recent IT trade shows as the potential of the worldwide wearables market is rapidly growing”, says a Samsung C&T rep. “Most of wearables are usually in form of electronic devices, but Samsung C&T presents differentiated wearables in form of fashion items, taking advantage of its experience in the fashion industry.”

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