Hackers steal card details from US hotel chain

Hackers steal card details from US hotel chain

Cybercrooks have stolen the details of hundreds of credit cards after installing malware on the payment processing system of a US hotel chain.

Destination Hotels & Resorts says the security breach hit 21 of its sites while Texas police told local media that over 700 guests have been affected and hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen.

Austin, Texas, police were called in by customers and banks after more than three dozen guests and diners at the Driskill Hotel had their data stolen after spending a night there or eating at the its restaurants.

The breach appears to have been isolated to locations where credit cards were physically swiped, with Internet and phone transactions not compromised.

In a statement, the company says the problem has been fixed with the help of outside security consultants. In addition to local police, the FBI is also now investigating.

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