Youth and tech savvy not always related - Wells Fargo survey

Youth and tech savvy not always related - Wells Fargo survey

While most people equate technological savviness with youth, the most digitally sophisticated people, particularly in relation to finance management, are thirtysomethings, according to a survey from Wells Fargo.

The US bank surveyed 1000 male and female online customers across all age groups to measure their Web engagement, sophistication and habits, which signify "digital age".

The results show youth is loosely correlated with digital adulthood, with technological sophistication generally declining with age. However, the most adult group, digitally speaking, is not twentysomethings but thirtysomethings.

While twentysomethings come out on top for entertainment - from watching television online to social networking - thirtysomethings are more likely to manage their finances online, use advanced photo and video technologies and tap career networking services.

Meanwhile, the results show that although 80% of respondents pay bills and transfer money between accounts online, only 38% have gone beyond banking to manage a 401K or IRA via the Web. Less than a third buy and sell stocks or manage investments online, and just 16% use an online budgeting tool. Fewer than half have obtained a free credit report online.

Stephanie Smith, SVP, online sales and marketing, Wells Fargo, says: "There's so much in the news about social networking but it's interesting that just 10 percent of respondents said they make social networking a high priority, compared to 65% of those who make their finances a high priority."

You can take the digital age quiz here.

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