Man tries to pay water bill with toilet paper cheque

Man tries to pay water bill with toilet paper cheque

A US man, disgruntled by a hike in the cost of his water rates, yesterday tried to pay off his outstanding bill with a cheque written on toilet paper.

According to local press reports, Ron Borgna, from Binghamton, NY, was escorted from the county office building after he presented the cheque for $2509.66 written on three squares of floral print toilet paper.

Borgna has been in dispute with city authorities for 17 months after receiving a $422.90 water bill - around four times his normal amount - in September 2006. His anger has since been exacerbated by a recently proposed 42% hike in city water rates.

Borgna told reporters he eventually decided to pay the charge - which now includes subsequent bills and late fees - to avoid property tax problems.

He took the home-made cheque and a bank statement proving he had the money in his account to the county office on Wednesday but officials refused to accept the cheque and after a confrontation he was escorted from the building.

Borgna told reporters he may now try and pay the $2509.66 bill with loose change.

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