C&W cracks Egg Web site

C&W cracks Egg Web site

UK Internet bank Egg is currently offline after service provider Cable and Wireless (C&W) admitted to "experiencing some issues on our network".

An Egg spokesman told Finextra that customers have been unable to access the Web site since yesterday evening. Visitors to the site are confronted with a "server not found" status page.

In a statment C&W confirmed that some of its customers - including Citibank subsidary Egg - are experiencing intermittent, slow or no access to Internet and email services. The statement does not provide details of the problem or say when it will be fixed.

C&W does say that "while we isolate and fix the root cause of the issue, we're putting in re-routes for our customers to take them away from the fault and restore their services."

Martin Stern, head of Internet performance experts, Keynote UK, says: "It's not like Egg are simply looking after people's holidays, or travel, in their own words this is 'Your Money' - which in this day and age customers expect to access 24hours a day."

He continues: "Online-only banks need to ensure their infrastructure performs above-and-beyond their multi-channel competitors and, given the much-lower operating costs of a branch-free model, their margins should be able to fund the building of a world-class online infrastructure."

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