Mantas to interface compliance software with Teradata Warehouse

Source: Mantas

Mantas, Inc., a provider of advanced solutions for regulatory compliance, loss prevention and revenue generation used by the world's leading financial institutions, today announced a partnership that will bring the benefits of the Teradata enterprise data warehouse to its customers worldwide.

Teradata Warehouse 8.1, a suite of hardware, software and professional consulting services, makes it easier, faster and more cost effective to build and manage the data requirements associated with compliance. In addition, Teradata's core philosophy of sourcing data once and leveraging it many times gives institutions the opportunity to leverage the data platform for broader compliance, risk and revenue generation opportunities.

Mantas and Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation, recently entered into the partnership and will work together to certify that the Mantas Behavior Detection Platform and each of the Mantas product offerings are compatible with the Teradata Warehouse 8.1. Mantas is the worldwide leader in compliance solutions for financial services, including anti-money-laundering, trading compliance and broker compliance. Mantas also offers products that target operational risk, fraud detection, and revenue generation for financial services.

"Working in partnership, Mantas and Teradata will focus on enabling financial services executives to quickly and cost effectively manage current compliance requirements while establishing a flexible and scalable platform to rapidly and economically address future requirements," said Jim Donovan, Teradata vice president of global industry solutions for financial services. "The Teradata enterprise data warehouse is the foundation which creates a single, authoritative data environment to ensure accuracy, consistency and auditability across the enterprise, delivering on the compliance requirements while establishing a dynamic data environment for more strategic leverage."

"Many of our customers have integrated the Teradata warehouse into their technology architectures," said Stephen Epstein, vice president, product management, Mantas. "They are very excited about the prospect of running Mantas on Teradata and bringing their operating costs even lower and increasing performance and scalability."

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