SIA strengthens Intercope partnership in Germany

Source: SIA

SIA, a company specializing in the management of electronic payments, and INTERCOPE, the German technology player that develops solutions for access to financial networks, are strengthening their collaboration also in Germany.

The partnership between the two companies, already active in the Italian market, in fact permits the innovative services of the SIAnet network for the secure transport of data and information flows relating to financial transactions to be extended to German banks. These services meet the technology and security requirements necessary for Systemically Important Payment Systems (SIPS).

SIA and INTERCOPE offer banks a unique network solution capable of managing the automatic routing of data traffic towards the various providers, in a simple manner and without impacts on the applications already in use, thus guaranteeing the business continuity of the entire process connected to payment transactions.

Thanks to the integration with INTERCOPE’s BOX Messaging Hub, financial institutions will be able to access SIAnet, the multi-protocol, multi-service SIA technology infrastructure that currently links over one thousand European banks and financial institutions. In particular, SIAnet provides access to EBA Clearing’s STEP2 technology platform for the processing of SEPA payments and to TARGET2-Securities (T2S), the new single European system promoted by the Central European Bank for the settlement of cross-border and domestic securities transactions.

This partnership will allow the German, and more generally the European financial community, to ensure business continuity, the security and confidentiality of data, and reliability of execution also in the case of peaks in network traffic - all key aspects for systemically important infrastructures in the financial sector.

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