Social network for small cash transfers launches in beta

Source: PetyCash

We are very proud to announce the first social network that allows you to share pocket money (petty cash) with whomever you like in an instant, fun and secure manner.

PetyCash is the new peer to peer app that brings to your smartphone an online, easy, simple, instant and secure method for petty cash transfers or payments. Share up to 50€ with your friends, family or whoever you want. Share your petty cash with others to give a present, pay concert tickets, make a pot, make donation to a non profit organization, or anything else. The limit is your imagination. PetyCash makes it possible!

The Petty Cash Sharing Network is an instant messaging app for Android and IPhone smartphone users that also allows its users to directly transfer and share small amounts of money instantly in a fun, easy, friendly, inexpensive and totally safe manner while keeping and recording each other’s credit and debt balances. In the near future, Merchants will also participate thus expanding PetyCash into a merchant-payment system as well.

Jose Maria Cueco-Hurtado, PetyCash’s Founder & CEO is happy to announce the upcoming launch of the Beta version aiming for a final launch in January 2016. “This new and very innovative social network is an amazingly friendly and safe peer to peer money transfer platform, that will make bilateral and multilateral small money driven social interaction very fun and easy to settle, arrange and monitor. We are not just an app that transfers money. We are a secure social space where you can talk, share pictures, comments and, of course, money, debts and credits. We are very happy to be at the forefront of the FinTech revolution currently disrupting all traditional transfer business”

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