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We launched our first Android app back in 2012, at a time when Android was beginning to grow big. Smart move, it turns out. Our Android community is thriving. It's our fastest growing platform and we've got roughly as many Android users as iOS users these days.

Today we're pleased to roll out the biggest update yet to the Android platform. In fact, we have rebuilt our Android application from the ground up:
• The new Android application is completely overhauled, and now looks and feels nicer, more intuitive and more modern. Some popular features, like the product library, have been getting extra attention, and are now much more accessible to users.
• If you're interested in design, you might have heard of Google's Material Design principles. It's a set of smart guidelines and principles for for visual, motion, and interaction design, that we have looked closely to when developing the new application.
• The new Android app also comes with some new functionality. Most noteworthy is support for contactless payments with Android. Contactless payments support is available in Germany and the U.K. for now, but rest assured, contactless support will hit more markets in time to come.

The Android app has been tested for quite a few months, and during the beta, we received tons of great feedback. So we're really thrilled to let the new app out of its cage, and hope you will love it as much as we do.


One of the many great things with iZettle is that it lets small businesses send receipts over email rather than printing them out. Genius, when you think about it. Paper receipts are good, but they they have a tendency to disappear. And they take up space in your wallet. Also, in this digital age, they feel sort of wasteful. We've actually saved a big bunch of trees over the years just by sending receipts over email rather than having them printed out.

So now the next big step: SMS receipts. Just let the customer enter his or her phone number when making a payment, and boom, an SMS receipt is sent in a matter of seconds. We've been asked to add this functionality for quite some time so it's fantastic to finally oblige.

SMS receipt functionality has been added throughout all 11 current iZettle countries. It has first been launched to our iOS app and will be rolled out to Android users soon. 

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