BBVA launches Apple Watch app

Source: BBVA

The new app reflects BBVA's commitment to make things easier for customers. They are free to choose how they want to interact with their bank at any moment in accordance with their personal needs and circumstances.

Starting this July, customers can use their smartwatch to check their bank balance at any time they want. BBVA developed this app so customers can also be aware of their overall position and check the total balance of their accounts.

However the app's abilities do not end there; it can also display the difference between income and expenses for the day or the changes that have taken place since the last access.

Another feature is the immediate access, which enables users to see their balance at a glance.

"BBVA has developed the Apple Watch app as a further step on the road to an omni-channel environment. Regardless of the type of customers, they can access their bank accounts through whatever channel they choose", explained Eliseo Catalán, a BBVA software engineer. For the time being the app will only be available to customers in Spain but BBVA is already adapting it for other regions where it operates.

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