Bank of Ningbo goes live with NCR cardless cash withdrawals

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation, (NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today announced that Bank of Ningbo has successfully gone live with NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal.

The software-based solution allows customers to pre-stage a cash withdrawal using Bank of Ningbo’s mobile banking application and then completes the transaction by scanning a 2D barcode using their mobile phone’s camera. Currently available across the bank’s nationwide ATM network of more than 600 ATMs in China, the new application offers Bank of Ningbo customers another cardless withdrawal option on top of the current method of scheduling cash withdrawals via mobile phones.

NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal makes the bank’s cardless cash withdrawal option even faster by using a 2D barcode. Bank of Ningbo customers only need to pre-stage their cash withdrawal amount (up to RMB3,000) by selecting the “Pai Pai Cash” icon on the bank’s mobile banking application, a pre-scheduled transaction will then be generated in the application. As soon as the customers arrive at any of the bank’s ATMs, they can simply scan the 2D barcode on the bottom right hand corner of the ATM screen with their mobile phones to withdraw cash. The entire process takes about 20 seconds. With this new feature, customers are no longer required to enter their code, PIN and requested amount at ATMs, and it also prevents the inconvenience of customers not receiving or losing the PINs. Bank of Ningbo’s mobile banking app is available on iOS and Android smart phones.

According to Bank of Ningbo, the introduction of the additional 2D barcode option of cardless cash withdrawal with NCR’s innovative technology is a reflection of the bank’s commitment in leveraging the latest financial technology to innovate its product and service offerings to enhance customers’ experience. Bank of Ningbo also pointed out that NCR’s solution is more secure and easy to implement. After an analysis with NCR’s back-end monitoring software, the Bank found that transaction volumes via “Pai Pai Cash” have increased every day, as more mobile scheduled cardless withdrawal customers have turned to use “Pai Pai Cash”.

NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal requires no additional ATM hardware; it can be deployed with just a simple software upgrade. The solution is a very secure approach to traditional card-based ATM transactions. No consumer data is stored on the device or contained within the on-screen 2D barcode. Rather, scanning the barcode only identifies the location of the ATM and prompts fulfillment of the transaction. In turn, using a mobile device eliminates the threat of ATM skimming devices used by criminals.

“With the growth of mobile finance in China, cardless cash withdrawal has become a key service offering to increase consumer convenience. More and more banks are introducing various methods of cardless cash withdrawal to create a unique customer experience,” said Gary Miao, president of Financial Services, NCR Greater China. “NCR is proud to work with Bank of Ningbo to be the first in bringing 2D barcode cardless cash withdrawal to consumers, making their lives easier by offering a new option for withdrawing cash via mobile phones. We are looking forward to working with more banks in making every customer transaction to be an amazing experience.”

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