CUVA and Green Armor team to deliver anti-phishing technology to credit unions

Source: Green Armor Solutions

CUVA, a leading supplier of identity-theft-prevention education to credit unions, and information-systems security vendor, Green Armor Solutions, have announced that they will partner to deliver the patent-pending Identity Cues anti-phishing system to credit unions.

Identity Cues leverages a unique combination of technology and psychology to combat phishing, pharming, and other forms of online fraud - all of which have begun to plague credit unions.

Identity Cues is an enterprise software product that makes obvious to users whether they are communicating with a credit union's legitimate online presence or with a phony website set up by a criminal. It seamlessly integrates with existing online banking applications. Unlike earlier generations of anti-phishing technology, Identity Cues is easy to use - even for novices and non-technical users. It does not require any user enrollment or training, and there are no extra steps added to the user login process.

Users do not have to download or install any software, configure anything, carry any security devices, register for any services, or memorize any extra secrets.

The simplicity of Identity Cues makes it an ideal fraud-prevention solution for credit unions. As John Dix, editor-in-chief of Network World magazine, noted about Identity Cues, "Sometimes the easiest answers are the best."

According to Gartner, about 57 million Americans were targeted for phishing in a recent 12-month period, and phishing-related fraud has already reached $1.2 billion annually.

"We've been working with credit unions on educating members about identity theft and introduced a unique on-line course to that end," says Laura Enock, CEO of CUVA. "Education is a good start, but it isn't enough. This new technology may be exactly what credit unions need to increase member confidence in online banking."

"Phishing and related forms of online fraud have become a growing problem for credit unions. We at Green Armor Solutions are excited about the opportunity to work together with CUVA to help protect credit unions and their members." said Joseph Steinberg, CEO of Green Armor Solutions.

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