Apriva mobile payment SDK aimed at Android/iOS

Source: Apriva

Apriva has announced a new software development kit (SDK) in support of its secure payment gateway.

Aimed at Android and Apple iOS developers, the SDK is intended to allow Point of Sale (PoS) developers to more easily integrate mobile payment acceptance capabilities into their mobile applications.

It is particularly designed to support developers working on EMV, NFC and a wide array of other new payment options such as Apple Pay, if they want to link to Apriva’s secure payment gateway, ensuring on-going business.

According to a November 2014 Forrester Research blog post, over the next five years, US mobile payments will grow to $142bn. This has led developers of all types of mobile apps to seek ways to easily and efficiently integrate payment acceptance capabilities into their applications. However, due to constantly changing hardware, software and payment processing options, many struggle to stay ahead of customer needs.

Apriva’s new mobile SDK provides developers with comprehensive development tools that allow them to connect any hardware and any processor over Apriva’s secure gateway. Whether looking to expand connections on an existing payment application or integrate payments for the first time, Apriva’s SDK provides developers the resources to connect to all the major processors in one simple and easy step, reducing development time and increasing efficiency.

“Consumers are showing increased interest in making purchases via their mobile devices leading many businesses to turn to this platform. Unfortunately, accepting payments and integrating them into an application can be a daunting task because of the numerous options that exist,” said Brian Sadowski, chief information officer (CIO) at Apriva. “Developers connecting to our gateway will immediately gain access to the most extensive list of payment options and processor choices available with a single integration, enabling them to meet the needs of a broader pool of customers and ensuring they don’t miss a sale because they can’t support the latest technology. ”


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