SkySparc upgrades OmniFi

Source: SkySparc

SkySparc is proud to announce the latest version of its market leading software, OmniFi v5.

The new name reflects the versatility and rich capabilities of the software (Omni latin for “all, every”) and the specialisation on financial instruments and processes (Fi).

OmniFi v5 introduces browser-enabled, fast and easy report deployment to user groups across the enterprise, with convenient platform-independent access from multiple devices.

Thomas Bergqvist, Director, SkySparc, said: “The new name marks the evolution of our software from SkyREPORT’s original powerful reporting feature to today’s versatile capabilities supporting advanced management reporting, process automation, reconciliation and interfacing with other systems, migration and updating of configuration, and fully automated testing.

Over time, we’ve developed and extended OmniFi to help our clients meet the many challenges of new regulation and compliance demands, ever changing financial markets, increased cost pressure and demand for efficiency and automation in their operation.

With a market penetration of over 25%, OmniFi has become the de facto standard complementary software for the Wallstreet Suite community.”

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