Selz launches PayPal app

Source: Selz

The majority of solo entrepreneurs looking to sell online continue to use PayPal. That's a fact according to Selz, who released this week a PayPal app which they believe entrepreneurs will choose rather than using PayPal directly.

Selz is one of the new breed of simple online solutions designed for entrepreneurs to use to sell services, physical or digital products from a website or via social network in minutes without any coding. 

Selz found that 80% of online entrepreneurs surveyed had used PayPal within the last 12 months to take payments online.

It is no wonder then that PayPal is used on over 342,000 websites. Entrepreneurs continue to choose PayPal despite recent innovation in online payments like Bitcoins, payment processing services Braintree (which was bought by ebay/PayPal) and Stripe.

Martin Rushe, Founder of Selz explained. "We started Selz as a simple payments alternative to PayPal for entrepreneurs. But we quickly realised that entrepreneurs didn't want to throw PayPal out. They just wanted it to be simpler & have many more features so that's what we've done."

"We decided rather than swim against the tide of what entrepreneurs were asking for, we would make it even easier to use PayPal for non technical entrepreneurs internationally. The option of offering customers the choice of buying using credit cards or PayPal has been one of the most requested features by Selz merchants. Our merchants recognise that PayPal is a trusted brand by online shoppers and with 143 million active PayPal users so it's important they give customers the choice".

The Selz PayPal app launched this week makes the whole buying process super smooth and easy for customers using either PayPal or credit cards. Entrepreneurs can instantly embed a store, a buy now button or widget onto their website or sell via social networks with just a copy and paste of some code. There is none of the technical hassle of integrating PayPal and no separate PayPal fees. Selz takes care of it all and you don't even need a PayPal business account first.

Benefits of Selz PayPal app
● Simple setup with no coding needed
● A beautiful clean and easy to use checkout process for customers
● Buyers can use PayPal to purchase without leaving the website
● No additional PayPal fees
● No PayPal business account needed 

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