SIX Swiss Exchange expands co-location offering

Source: SIX Swiss Exchange

As of today, SIX Swiss Exchange makes X-stream INET, the worlds' most advanced trading technology, available to all its trading segments.

Consequently, co-location is now also available for participants active in ETFs, ETSFs, Sponsored Funds, ETPs, CHF Bonds, International Bonds and Structured Products (on Scoach Switzerland). Co-location provides latency-sensitive participants with the fastest possible connection to SIX Swiss Exchange regardless of their physical location.

Harmonized interfaces

Today's SWXess Maintenance Release 4 (SMR4) also introduces direct low-latency interfaces in the non-Equities segments. By using industry standard ITCH and OUCH protocols for trading, quoting and market data in all segments, participants benefit from reduced complexity and lower maintenance costs while enjoying higher flexibility.
New Quote Trading Interface

For market making in the non-Equities segments, a OUCH protocol based "Quote Trading Interface" (QTI) is introduced. "The new QTI allows our market makers to enter, replace and cancel quotes as well as receive executions of trades much more quickly", explains Alain Picard, Head Product Management at SIX Swiss Exchange. With the introduction of the new interfaces, the legacy "Capacity Trading Interface" (CTI) for proprietary trading and market making will be decommissioned within six months.
Technological leadership confirmed

Chris Landis, Head Operations at SIX Swiss Exchange, emphasizes: "With this latest upgrade of our SWXess trading platform, we underline our commitment to invest in the most advanced trading technology. It is aimed at providing the best possible trading conditions to our broadly diversified customer base and making SIX Swiss Exchange the Independent Investment Network of Choice."

For SIX Swiss Exchange, introducing X-stream INET and co-location for its non-Equities segments also marks the extension of successful partnerships with Nasdaq OMX and Equinix. In April 2012, SIX Swiss Exchange became the fastest exchange in the world, with an average round-trip latency of just 37 microseconds for equity trading.

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