MiiCard launches ID verification API directory

Source: miiCard

Online identity verification service miiCard today introduced a new, free Directory API to enable Member Lookup services that link to miiCard verified identities within a transaction, social media or online environment.

Unveiled at the Dublin Web Summit, this new API allows sites and services to quickly and easily expand trust and confidence amongst customers.

"As we conduct more and more of our daily lives online, it is critical that we do so with the same trust and confidence as we do in the offline world," said miiCard CEO James Varga. "miiCard continues to extend its identity service platform to make it as easy as possible to build a range of useful identity based services. With Directory API, developers can construct software extensions without the need for a full integration. "

miiCard Member Lookup can be used in a number of situations to instill confidence or facilitate a trusted transaction, including:

Within a blog comment or review, automatically link a commenter to a miiCard profile using an email address to prove the post is from a real or specific person;
On an ecommerce or peer-to-peer trading platform, confirm a phone number, address or identity at account setup to reduce the risk of fraud;
For dating sites, match a verified ID against a social account such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Plus to instantly prove account ownership.

miiCard Member Lookup is powered by the miiCard Directory API. Available for free and requiring no API keys or developer account, the Directory API makes it possible to create extensions to software packages using confirmed profile details, such as an email address, phone number, certifications, or available social accounts.

miiCard members must first activate and make their Public Profile to be searchable through the directory service on these key attributes. As a user-centric Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) service, miiCard gives members control and opt in consent on the information they share through the service at all times.

miiCard's patented Level of Assurance 3+ identity verification leverages the authority and security inherent in a member's online financial accounts to prove identity to passport sport or photo ID standard. miiCard can also be used as a global BYOID service that gives individuals the convenience, control, ease and flexibility of a single trusted identity that can be used across the web. miiCard is available in ten countries and can verify over 350 million people today.

The miiCard Directory API launched at Dublin Web Summit, where miiCard is part of the STARTGlobal program. STARTglobal includes 150 of the highest potential and most disruptive young companies that will gather to exchange ideas, demonstrate new products and technologies, and interact with leading press, investors and technology visionaries.

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