Misys deploys SumTotal 'talent expansion' tech

Source: SumTotal Systems

SumTotal Systems, LLC, the largest independent provider of integrated HR solutions, has announced a new talent expansion platform implementation with global financial software services provider Misys.

Misys will use SumTotal's cloud solutions, together with SAP HR, on the SumTotal elixHRTM platform, to deliver global performance management, compensation management and a learning system.

Misys needed a system which would complement its existing SAP HR solution, drive accountability and productivity and deliver greater functionality needed to identify, develop and expand its talent. SumTotal elixHR met Misys' ambitious set of functional and technical requirements, including a 'zero customisation' approach that could support the company's diverse employee and skill base.

Misys selected SumTotal's cloud-based solution based on its ability to interact with existing systems and to deliver results quickly, eliminating the need for expensive upgrades or extra investment. The solution enables Misys to extend and link HR information from disparate systems in order to enhance employee engagement, creating an agile and responsive talent management system. Misys rebranded the SumTotal solution as MiCareer.

"MiCareer has already shown itself to be truly transformational," commented Charlotte deMetz, Global HR Director of Misys. "As our leadership team communicates organisational and business goals through the HR system, staff are building a bottom-up picture of how they will contribute towards the overall big picture and, how they need to develop their skills in order to meet their career aspirations. This top-down, bottom-up approach is starting to see the emergence of a high performing, engaged organisation, ready to support the ambitious and aspirational business targets we have set ourselves for the next few years."

Misys is using the following core elements of the new Sum Total solution:

  • Learning Management System: Using SumTotal's solution, Misys has created a catalogue of courses and training which enables employees to complete courses as and when they want. The system assesses online and automatically updates a user's profile. It makes training and learning easier for employees to manage and shows a progression path for future promotion and development. Skills are attached to both internally and externally sourced courses, allowing employees to search for training based on skill development requirements identified throughout the year.
  • Compensation Management: Misys operates three types of reviews through the compensation tool; merit review, bonus review and promotion review. The new system allows for budget monitoring from the bottom up as well as top level reviews on how a whole team is doing compared to expectations and in line with overall annual budget.
  • Performance Management: This allows employees to set personal goals which align to higher level business or team goals. It means individuals can see how their contributions are affecting and benefiting the team and ultimately the whole organisation. The system helps people focus, and means managers can see that people are spending time on activities which support the business overall.
  • ElixHR: The SumTotal platform that brings all talent data together in one place and allows a single view of talent, skills and progression across the business.
  • HR Analytics: Provides a single source of reporting and analytics across all people data so that people change can be modelled, talent analysed and business productivity planned.

"More and more businesses are looking to use talent solutions to deliver tangible value, visible through employees who are productive, engaged and aligned to the overall vision and culture of the organisation. This, coupled with the ability to merge business data with people data, brings a new opportunity for business leaders to better understand and manage their teams," commented John Borgerding, CEO, SumTotal Systems. "We have worked as a close strategic partner with Misys to ensure a smooth and successful implementation which delivers the business outcomes the team identified as critical to deliver its corporate vision. The fact that leading global businesses like Misys are using SumTotal to help create high-performing organisations and great places to work, validates our belief that talent solutions, effectively deployed, drive business growth."

Helen Thiel, Director of Veran, and Solution Manager on the Misys implementation commented: "From the initial request for proposal onwards, the Misys talent project was entirely different from anything I've seen before. In a mere five months we built a system for almost 4,500 people in around 50 countries, and deployed a full range of talent management tools from performance, compensation, skills and learning through to analytics. Achieving this in a tight timespan and on a large scale meant we had to work at lightning speed, and with laser focus on the outcomes. The speed and efficiency with which we delivered this is a testament to both Misys' unwavering commitment to delivering the best for its staff, and the outstanding quality of SumTotal software. It has also demonstrated there is a genuine alternative available to businesses looking to enhance their existing HR functionality without the cost and risk associated with completely replacing or upgrading legacy HR systems." 

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