Burgundy completes dress rehearsal for Millennium Exchange switch

Source: Burgundy

On Saturday 25 May the second and final dress rehearsal (DR2) for Millennium Exchange on the Burgundy markets was conducted.

A number of members and information vendors participated and Oslo Børs completed all planned activities, including a failover and recovery where the trade was resumed at the secondary data center (SDC).

Oslo Børs would like to thank everyone who participated on the second dress rehearsal and we are pleased to confirm that the test was successful and that members, information vendors and their third party suppliers who are planning to trade on Burgundy from 3 June, seem well prepared.

Go-live readiness confirmation

We remind you that everyone who wants access to the Burgundy market from 3 June must submit the "Go-Live Readiness Confirmation" form to technicalsupport@oslobors.no by Wednesday 29 May 2013.

Please provide contact information of the person who will be your point of contact during the go-live weekend weekend.

Go-live weekend

We refer to the previously published Guide to Go-live that outlines the schedule and activities for the go-live weekend. We remind you that on Saturday 1 June only connectivity can be tested, there will be no testing of order or trade activity this day.

The production environment for Millennium Exchange will be available for connectivity testing from 06:00 Saturday morning and until 13:00.

Clients are to submit a Go-live Connectivity Confirmation after checking connectivity on Saturday. The confirmation form will be available from our Delta web on Saturday. When Oslo Børs is confident that all market participants are ready for the go-live on the Millennium platform, we will on Saturday, before 15:00, make the final announcement to launch the Millennium Exchange on the Burgundy market places Monday 3 June. 

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