Secure Electrans HomePay terminal secures PCI PTS 3.1 certification

Source: Secure Electrans

The UK based payments company, Secure Electrans announced today that their HomePay terminal has secured PCI PTS 3.1 global certification, including SRED (Secure Read and Exchange of Data).

HomePay is a handheld consumer payment terminal that cardholders can use with their existing Chip & PIN card for online shopping, and as a means of secure access to a wide range of online services such as banking and e-government. Secure Electrans has also developed the infrastructure required to deploy and support this next generation of online payment security, building on the multi-billion pound investment already made by the global payments industry in Chip & PIN technology.

An integrated suite of bespoke web, cryptographic, network management and payments processing services support HomePay, offering individuals secure online access to personal and financial data. This positions HomePay as the de facto secure gateway to any transaction processing network, financial or non-financial, that requires secure remote authentication of a consumer's identity.

"Achieving this global certification is a major milestone in our development of the end-to-end infrastructure to expand Chip & PIN from the physical world into the eCommerce and mobile channels," said Chris Jarman, Managing Director of Secure Electrans. "Our patented solutions are highly innovative and encompass the most recent advances in remote secure authentication, payment processing, and data security. Our HomePay device is now certified to the highest levels of PCI compliance, including point-to-point encryption to keep all cardholder data safe and secure. HomePay retains the form factor familiar to us all in today's retail environment, using the same cards and PINs that we each use daily".

Chris added: "With the growth of e-commerce continuing as a global success story, accounting for £68bn in sales in the UK alone last year, the commensurate rise in online card-not-present fraud makes this now the largest category of all forms of card fraud. Consumers will welcome the simplicity of this approach, no longer needing to remember multiple IDs, passwords and secret phrases. The industry will benefit from the extension of their existing capital investment in Chip & PIN to drive down 'card not present' fraud". 

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