İşbank launches Apple Mac-specific app

Source: İşbank

İşbank, which facilitates its customers life with innovative and creative solutions, has developed the first Turkish banking application specific to Apple's Mac Computers.

İşbank, maintained its pioneer position in this field by carrying over its success shown in iPad in Mac Computers. İşbank customers are able to access many banking services with the İşPad application that they can download free of charge from Mac App Store, Turkey. On the other hand Mac Computer owners that are not presently İşbank customers can become one without visiting an İşbank branch, by taking advantage of "Instant Customer" service via İşPad Application.

The financial markets are at your service by İşPad Finance Center
İşPad, which has scored with Mac App Store users thanks to its ease of use and stylish design, moves up quicky among the most downloaded financial applications both in Turkey and the world.

By means of İşPad Finance Center, Mac users are able to follow up the securities and foreign markets while being informed of the prices of various investment instruments. In the meantime they are able to follow the market agenda closely by accessing the weekly bulletins, sector based reports and daily economic bulletin, prepared specifically for İşbank customers by Bloomberg HT.

The banking transactions are now more enjoyable by İşPad more than ever
Mac users are now able to conduct their banking transactions quickly and easily by İşpad. İşbank customers can complete many transactions ranging from investment transactions, tax payments, credit card payments to purchasing prepaid minutes for their cell phones.

Non İşbank Mac users can also apply for personal loans by easily calculating the amount of installments depending on the required type of loan or Maximum/Maximiles Credit Card. Also they can calculate the installment amount easily according to the credit type by using the calculation menu. 

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