StreamBase Launches StreamBase University

Source: Streambase

StreamBase Systems, a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, officially announced the launch of the StreamBase University program at the SIFMA Financial Services Technology Expo in New York.

The StreamBase University program allows students at qualified educational institutions access to StreamBase CEP, the leading commercial CEP software platform for building real-time data processing systems through an academic licensing program. The goal of the StreamBase University program is to provide students with access to the mechanics of building real-time trading systems to compliment the theories and case studies taught to them during their courses.

StreamBase will initially offer the program to educational institutions that offer graduate courses in Financial Mathematics, Financial Engineering, Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Finance, and to MBA programs offering electronic trading electives. In addition StreamBase will be available to students of Paul Wilmott's Global Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) course.

The StreamBase University program includes online training materials required for Level 1 StreamBase Certification at no cost to the students or the educational institution, for up to 30 students per year per course. This will be available online and is designed for those students who wish to certify their StreamBase CEP skills. Certified StreamBase developers are then licensed to develop and submit applications, examples, and frameworks to the StreamBase Component Exchange (SBX) to spark innovation between academia and industry.

Andrew Lyasoff, Associate Professor and Director, Mathematical Finance Program at Boston University commented; "We see more and more demand to supply highly trained professionals who are grounded in, not only the theory of algorithmic trading, but also its practice. StreamBase has been working with us for some time and we are pleased to see them extend the program to other universities."

"Having the latest CEP software available for building electronic trading systems will enable CQF students to have hands on experience with one of the latest tools in the quantitative analyst's toolbox." said Dr Paul l Wilmott, Founder and Course Director of the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF).

Walter Mascarenhas, Professor of Computer Science in the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística at University of Sao Paulo commented; "The growth of electronic trading in Brazil has meant that more and more of our students are drawn towards careers in finance upon graduation. This means that we need to equip them with not only an excellent theoretical foundation, but also practical experience with the latest tools. CEP is a key tool for building modern trading systems and we are excited about working with StreamBase which is the CEP technology platform for BM&FBOVESPA and a growing number of trading firms in Brazil."

"We believe that the future of trading will be defined by the younger generation. StreamBase CEP itself started off as an academic research project at MIT, Brown and Brandeis Universities. We feel it is important for us to give something back to academia and to help students broaden their skills and experience," said Mark Palmer, CEO at StreamBase. "StreamBase University will foster, engage, and support students interested in learning more about the concepts and mechanics of building CEP applications for low-latency trading."

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