Mopay unveils mobile platform

Source: mopay

Mopay, a global leader in innovative payment solutions for online merchants, today announced the release of its next-generation mobile payments platform.

A newly developed technological base and advanced new features now enable merchants to run mopay on virtually every Internet-connected device and across most operating systems such as Android, Samsung's bada, iOS and Windows Phone 7. mopay also ramped up its spectrum of payment methods, adding third-party solutions to support every payment scenario from stationary Internet purchases and mobile Internet shopping to in-app billing on virtually all platforms.

"Most mobile payments providers focus on Web purchases and in-app billing on the Android platform," said Kolja Reiss, Managing Director of mopay. "With our brand new mobile payments platform, we are the first provider to offer a state-of-the-art billing solution that features the flexibility to be customized for every platform, be it desktop PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, TVs, game consoles, in-car entertainment systems, kiosks and even appliances. This flexibility gives merchants endless opportunities to reach their customers in new and exciting ways and to make any Internet-connected device a sales channel."

The latest enhancements to the mopay payment platform have a single goal - providing the best payment experience for every consumer worldwide. Breakthrough features of the new platform include:

  • Support for All Internet-Connected Devices - mopay has optimized both the front-end and the back-end of the new platform for all-out screen flexibility. The mopay payment window's look and feel can now be flexibly optimized for display on every screen size. mopay can be easily integrated in every platform supporting all Web browsers, mobile browsers and smartphone platforms, offering merchants the opportunity to feature a mobile payment option on any Internet-connected device.
  • Support for Multiple Funding Methods - mopay is now the only vendor to support the majority of funding methods, adding IP billing, broadband billing and connections to various third-party billing networks to its existing portfolio of billing solutions, including direct mobile billing and landline billing.
  • Improved Integration of Carrier Services - Existing carrier connections have been optimized to fully support a wide variety of secure integration protocols, ensuring smooth implementation and state-of-the-art protection of subscriber data.
  • Fraud Protection - To increase both merchant and consumer protection, mopay added improved fraud detecting mechanisms to its new mobile payments platform, becoming the only provider to offer such a high level of security.
  • Simplified Integration for Merchants - mopay further simplified the seamless integration of the payment window into the merchant check-out process by extending the platform's customization and branding options.
  • Enhanced Language Support and Reporting - Available in more than 80 countries, mopay now supports more than 40 languages and features comprehensive reporting capabilities.

mopay's new platform is integrated with more than 250 network operators, including T-Mobile, Telefonica O2 and Vodafone, totaling almost one third of the platform's 3.3 billion consumer reach. The new platform will be used by long-time mopay clients Bigpoint, Gameforge, Travian and Innogames, just to name a few. "mopay continues to be on the forefront of innovation when it comes to mobile payments," said Heiko Hubertz, CEO of Bigpoint. "This innovation, drive and true commitment to making mobile payments seamless and simple for consumers is why we have selected mopay as one of our partners."

"We have invested more than $25 million to develop the most flexible, easy-to-use and applicable payment experience available today," Reiss continues. "We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most robust and comprehensive solutions that offer best-in-class user experiences. We are proud that mopay is the first provider capable of supporting all platforms and operating systems, providing customers with an unparalleled mobile payments solution."

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