Vivotech adds NFC to legacy POS terminals

Source: Vivotech

ViVOtech, the near field communication (NFC) software and systems company, today introduced the first in a new generation of NFC add-on devices that merchants can attach to their current point of sale terminals.

Called the ViVOpay 4800, the add-on lets consumers use contactless cards, contactless stickers attached to existing phones, or NFC-enabled mobile phones to make payments, and take advantage of real-time in-store personal marketing offers, merchandising campaigns, and loyalty programs, while expediting the check out process.

"Merchants want to increase store traffic, create in-store up-sell opportunities, and do it by giving customers what they really want and value - convenience and ease of use," said Mohammed Khan, president of ViVOtech, which has shipped more than 800,000 contactless and NFC readers. "Our new ViVOpay 4800 does all of that, plus it protects merchants' billion dollar investments in expensive PIN and signature capture pads."

Featuring ISO 14443 contactless and ISO 18092 peer-to-peer NFC technologies, the ViVOpay 4800 is built on the latest generation of high performance, secure processors, and is equipped with the Linux operating system and ample application memory to enable merchants to accept branded contactless, magnetic-stripe and EMV payments.

The ViVOpay 4800 includes a new patent-pending dual-loop antenna to assure consistent and positive experience to NFC mobile customers, and is designed for easy connection to the most popular POS and electronic cash register (ECR) systems used by retailers today. Post-deployment firmware updates by remote download, will be used to keep the system current and compliant, while eliminating the need for additional device recertification.

Tools for delivering marketing and merchandizing programs are available for the new ViVOtech reader so merchants are not completely dependant on third parties' generic services.

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