Carta integrates with MasterCard Motaps for NFC programme deployments

Source: Carta Worldwide

Carta Worldwide (Carta), a global payment solutions provider, has announced that it has completed work with MasterCard Worldwide to become the first global processor to integrate the MasterCard Mobile Over-the-Air Provisioning Service (Motaps) - the world's first and only enabling platform for Near Field Communication (NFC) programs.

"MOTAPS from MasterCard" enables issuers to capture revenue and gain competitive advantage by allowing a faster, more efficient and simple roll out of mobile NFC programs, such as MasterCard PayPass, and saving up to 84% on provisioning set up costs.

Previous NFC handset trials faced challenges associated with either manual processes required by existing personalisation bureaus, or integration with third party providers tied to specific mobile operators. MOTAPS eliminates these constraints by enabling the secure delivery of personalisation data directly to the customer device at the point of issuance, via a standardised interface that works across NFC ecosystem participants.

"We are delighted to be the first processor to integrate with the MasterCard MOTAPS service," said Keith Hobbs, MD of Carta Financial. "MasterCard MOTAPS brings a powerful service to the new wave of NFC enabled mobile handsets. This finally unlocks the potential of NFC handsets, facilitating a new way to pay for millions of individuals. It will enable issuers to provide customers with a straightforward mobile handset personalisation solution, broadening issuance opportunities and taking advantage of the rapidly growing market for contactless products."

Kriya Patel, Sales Director at Transact Network Limited, added: "As one of the major providers of MasterCard prepaid cards in Europe, TNL is pleased to work in partnership with Carta Worldwide and together drive the further development of prepaid cards and contactless technology. This offers a whole new dimension in terms of convenience and this new facility provides great prepaid customer benefits in a sophisticated way."

Commenting on the announcement, James Anderson, Group Head, Senior Vice President
Mobile and Emerging Payments at MasterCard, said, "With MOTAPS, we are happy to support MasterCard customers and partners with a key infrastructure component that simplifies the deployment of contactless progs programs. A secure provisioning system that is scalable and that supports all form factors, is critical for the further advancement of contactless

MOTAPS is designed to be a simple, quick and convenient experience for the cardholder. Owners of NFC handsets can now request the MasterCard account to be set up directly from the handset itself. Personalisation data is delivered within seconds and the handset is then immediately enabled for contactless payments.

MasterCard developed MOTAPS to streamline the personalisation process for non card form factor devices and allow issuers such as Transact Network Limited, the issuer supporting this first launch, to more easily integrate with processors like Carta. MasterCard, Carta and Transact Network Limited are working in partnership to further enhance MOTAPS into a full multi-channel personalisation solution, leveraging the MOTAPS service to support In-Market issuance. This represents an exciting extension to the existing solution, and will provide customers the ability to personalise a complete range of existing and emerging PayPass form factors through a single interface.

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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 22 July, 2012, 08:39Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes This press release is misleading on several counts: 1. It has nothing to do with NFC: provisioning is done to a secure element (SE) - hence the reference to "non card form factor" (the latter is misleading too as SIM is "card"). NFC is a protocol, not a physical element. 2. Provisioning is done via OTA. Gemalto, G+D etc have been offering this for years - so what's the novelty there? Moreover, if "the world's first and only" refers to the remote secure OTA provisioning of SE with NFC interface, Gemalto has been offering that too, for quite some time. 3. "Tied to specific mobile operators" and "MOTAPS eliminates these constraints" - does it mean that I, as a consumer, am free to pick any MC card issuer and use MOTAPS to get a card from that issuer provisioned to ANY operator's SIM? Not likely (at all). Or that I, as the issuer, can put any of my cards onto ANY operator's SIM using MOTAPS? Equally unlikely (but this ability IS needed by 20K card issuers and prepaid managers, hence a huge interest in *external* SE). Could Carta/MC clarify the above, please.