Bell ID launches EMV token manager

Source: Bell ID

Bell ID today announced the launch of Bell ID EMV Token Manager, a new web based solution which coordinates and simplifies the management of any type or combination of EMV token deployment, including contact, contactless and dual interface cards as well as the option to support contactless applications in NFC enabled mobile phones.

The newly announced solution is a comprehensively redesigned successor to Bell ID's acclaimed ANDiS4EMV smart card management system and draws on the company's experience with banks and other chip & PIN card issuers worldwide. Positioned at the core of an EMV implementation, Bell ID EMV Token Manager is responsible for performing data preparation for any EMV or chip payment application and for managing the entire lifecycles of an EMV token, its associated applications and related cryptographic keys. It enables issuers of payment applications to simply and quickly migrate to EMV and to enhance the functionality of their existing EMV deployments.

Significantly, Bell ID® EMV Token Manager's design directly incorporates feedback from a series of customer consultation workshops, ensuring that it reflects actual industry and customer requirements relative to EMV token management. As a result, an improved and highly intuitive online user interface simplifies both operations management and configuration, cutting deployment timescales and offering substantial reduction in programme costs. Optional enhancements such as EMV instant issuance, EMV scripting, internet PIN change, multi-application management, post-issuance management functionality and NFC mobile application management reinforce the value and versatility of the system, and the ability to contribute to the growth and profitability of issuers' chip programmes.

Bell ID EMV Token Manager is compliant to relevant standards such as EMV, PCI and GlobalPlatform, enabling customers to implement fully certified end-to-end solutions. The platform has also been re-engineered based on the latest technology standards, and offers complete IT platform and database independence.

David Worthington, Principal Consultant Payment & Chip Technology at Bell ID, comments: "Bell ID EMV Token Manager offers EMV issuers the flexibility, scalability and modularity to manage EMV tokens even more easily a and cost effectively than before. The solution's 'customisation through configuration' approach ensures that it can be adapted to suit potentially unplanned future business requirements, such as managing multiple token types - perhaps payment applications on both cards and mobile phones - side by side. This level of future-proofing is essential in the increasingly dynamic payments market where new and emerging technologies continue to drive change at a very fast pace."

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