Nyse Euronext taps Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware

Source: Red Hat

Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that Nyse Euronext (NYX), the leading and most liquid equities exchange group in the world, has standardized on Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Middleware.

Moving from proprietary application servers to an open source reference architecture has fueled cost savings, simplicity, integration and performance gains across NYSE Euronext's infrastructure. Further, the company leveraged the open source development model before deploying on JBoss Enterprise Middleware.

"We saw major benefits in two particular areas: cost savings and the simplicity of the architecture. As we migrated applications from our former platforms to JBoss Enterprise Middleware, we were able to achieve a 50-60% cost reduction," said Brian Clark, chief software architect at NYSE Euronext. "Additionally the JBoss Microcontainer architecture and the ability to turn processes on or off depending on what the application needs is very significant. One of the things we strive for is simplicity, because it's easier to manage, it's easier to deploy, and it's easier to use."

Prompted by their positive collaboration and customer experience as a long-time Red Hat Enterprise Linux customer, NYSE Euronext turned to JBoss Enterprise Middleware to integrate their disparate and legacy proprietary infrastructure. Alleviating NYSE Euronext's complicated data management and slow response times, JBoss Enterprise Middleware enabled easier environment control, integration, and deployment, accelerated environment processes, reduced development lifecycles, and increased time-to-market.

"Some of the other products in this space tend to be overly complex," said Clark. "We were able to migrate to JBoss Enterprise Middleware quickly and the solutions enabled us to reduce our processing needs. Its ease of deployment and use helped to make JBoss Enterprise Middleware an easy sell."

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is used in NYSE Euronext's operational data store application for the trading floor, which captures trades and orders in real-time, and in its back office and regulatory operations. In addition to all of NYSE Euronext's external websites, including nyx.com, nysedata.com, and nysemoneysense.com, running on JBoss Enterprise Middleware, the platform provides a middle tier for NYSE Euronext's business analysts to monitor the market via its Stockwatch application. Stockwatch, a mission-critical regulatory application that connects to NYSE Euronext's trading systems, provides real-time surveillance and handles more than 100,0000 trade messages per second. NYSE Euronext also uses JBoss Enterprise Middleware to create tools for operations, enabling the development team to quickly deploy applications to production and save manual intervention on the systems.

As NYSE Euronext engineers were able to demonstrate the performance gains and cost savings over an extended time period, the company migrated more and more of its mission-critical, public-facing applications to Red Hat's middleware platform, and finally a complete migration to Red Hat's enterprise-ready, supported and tested JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

"When we first started with JBoss, we brought in the community edition for some non-critical systems, which allowed us to get our feet wet and gain confidence with the middleware solutions," said Michael Gendelman, consultant, NYSE Euronext. "As we started moving to mission critical systems, the ones that faced outside companies, the ones that had the reputation of the New York Stock Exchange on the line, we moved to the supported version."

"The feedback that we've heard from NYSE Euronext is echoed by our customers worldwide - JBoss Enterprise Middleware offers significant performance gains, is easy to use and deploy, it fits a wide range of needs in any architecture and it is offered at a cost savings we believe is unmatched by proprietary offerings," said Craig Muzilla, vice president, middleware, Red Hat. "All of these benefits are in addition to how our customers leverage the open source development model, a benefit that is unique to Red Hat's model; no other middleware provider can offer a myriad of benefits that comes with access to an open source community."

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