FxPro Financial Services opens Madrid office

Source: FxPro Financial Services

FxPro Financial Services Ltd (FxPro), a leading global retail broker in forex and CFDs, has expanded its business presence in Europe by establishing a country office in Madrid, Spain.

It is FxPro's sixth country representative office created since operations began in 2008.

The launch of the office is another milestone achieved in FxPro's organic growth strategy, with the aim of building presences in geographic markets that represent strong commercial opportunities and help to roll out services to clients with language support that serve those markets.

Located in the prestigious Salamanca district in the heart of Madrid, the FxPro representative office comprises a team whose operational focus is to provide comprehensive customer services support to all Spanish and Portuguese speaking clients not only in Spain and Portugal, but also to those clients worldwide.

Iker Eguiluz Cuadrado, Operations Manager for FxPro in Spain, spoke about the importance of servicing clients in Spanish and Portuguese. "When you consider that Spanish alone is spoken by over 320 million people, is the official or national language in over 20 countries, and Portuguese has over 210 million native speakers, it is clearly good business to ensure that we deliver our services in these languages. We're now delighted to be doing so not only through our Customer Support team, but also through our dedicated Spanish language website and our forthcoming Portuguese site."

Commenting on the launch, George Xydas, FxPro's Director of International Operations, said, "FxPro is committed to being a truly global FX provider. We demonstrate this in our business development by ensuring we continue to prioritise services to clients in multiple languages and jurisdictions across the globe where there is a demonstrated need and sound commercial opportunity for our services. We look forward to growing our client base not only in Spain and Portugal, but across Latin America, Asia and Africa."

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