Safe Computing ships financial management suite

Source: Safe Computing

Safe Computing announces the launch of Safe Financials, a Financial Management suite delivering world class cash management, in record time thanks to Magic Software's uniPaaS platform.

Safe Financials is the first in a new suite of offerings from Safe Computing for accounting departments. Already well received by existing Safe Computing customers, Safe Financials complements Safe Computing's credit control, HR and payroll technologies.

Safe Computing recently acquired respected accountancy software vendor Topaz, and taking their already highly successful financials application, used Magic Software's uniPaaS to rebrand and refresh it ready to be introduced to Safe Computing customers and new prospects. Migrating and customising the Financial Management suite could have presented a real challenge, but Safe Computing's development team found that updating the look and feel and upgrading key product features was a straightforward process due to the underlying uniPaaS application platform, which uses metadata for its business logic making development changes fast and easy to implement.

Based on Magic Software's uniPaaS application platform, the Safe Financials product suite includes a web portal that bridges the gap between accounting, human resource and other departments within an organisation. This helps to dramatically reduce costs and paperwork, increase efficiency, and improve business processes and HR strategy and planning.

An extensive redesign and addition of new features to the original Topaz product line provides customers with a simplified user interface and a broader range of options. These features have reduced the navigation time and lead to faster, more efficient operations. They have also made the financials suite more intuitive, which means users need less training on the product.

Sandy Scott, Managing Director, Safe Computing said: "In addition to the dedicated Safe development team, one of the keys to managing this update and re-branding of Topaz Financials into Safe Financials in such a short time was the use of Magic Software's uniPaaS application platform. We found that uniPaaS accelerated the rered the redesign as it is metadata driven, so common or repetitive development tasks are pre-programmed. Redesigning and modifying the product has been very straightforward and extremely rapid, which means that our customers now have access to a broader range of products, all from a single company."

"The new features we've integrated as part of the reengineering process have really increased the ease-of-use of an already very competent and popular product, and has modernised the interface completely. It's much more intuitive, and added flexibility and features such as multiple pages rather than MDI (multiple document interface) as well as tabbed browsing have proved very popular with customers, " he continued.

David Akka, MD Magic Software, UK, Eire and Nordic, said: "We have worked hard to establish long term relationships with independent software vendors and offer a high level of support to our customers, so it's also great to see uniPaaS produce excellent results for the team at Safe Computing. Our application platform's flexibility and ability to reduced development time makes it ideal for companies like Safe Computing that are driven by innovation and recognise the importance of their customers' operational efficiency."

Magic Software's uniPaaS uses a metadata-driven engine that allows users to develop, run and maintain a combination of deployment modes, including desktop, Client/Server, HTML Web Applications, mobile and Web 2.0 RIA, for the cost and time-consumption of a single development effort and code-base.

By using metadata rather than hard code, application delivery time can be cut by up to 50%. It also means that applications powered by uniPaaS are independent of operating system, database and hardware platform. uniPaaS is the evolution of Magic Software's eDeveloper platform and builds upon twenty-five years of Magic Software's experience in application development and deployment.

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