EMVCo looks to broaden industry participation

Source: EMVCo

EMVCo, the EMV standards body owned by JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc., has today announced plans to broaden industry participation in the development work of the organisation and establish a regular, formal dialogue between EMVCo and the global payments industry, through the launch of a new website subscription programme and annual user meeting.

To be launched during the first quarter of 2009, a new subscription programme delivered through the EMVCo website will allow interested parties to access advance information regarding revisions to EMV Specifications, draft documents and upcoming meetings. Subscribers will also be able to make direct contact with EMVCo to solicit feedback or guidance in respect of technical issues. EMVCo will introduce this subscription programme, at a nominal annual fee of 750 USD per user, in recognition that many parties, such as vendors, consultants, laboratories, payment schemes, merchants and regional associations, can benefit from providing input into the development work of the EMV Specifications.

The introduction of the subscriber service will not affect the royalty-free availability of final and published versions of EMV Specifications, bulletins and application notes, type approval process documents and approval lists. EMVCo remains committed to ensuring free industry access to these documents from the EMVCo website.

Tad Fordyce, Head of Global Product Platforms and Delivery at Visa Inc. and Chairman of the EMVCo Executive Committee, comments: "The subscriber programme will seek to ensure that key stakeholders of EMVCo across the globe, who wish to have access to the development work of EMVCo, can actively monitor and participate in the document creation and review processes. Subscribers will have a direct and open line of communication with EMVCo, resulting in their needs being better served by the organisation."

In 2009, EMVCo will additionally introduce an annual user meeting for subscribers. Art Kranzley, Chief Emerging Technology Officer at MasterCard Worldwide and member of the EMVCo Executive Committee, explains: "The intention behind this new initiative is to open up EMVCo's communications to a broader audience, promote greater transparency regarding organisational activities and provide a regular platform for those implementing EMV Speci EMV Specifications in the industry to communicate issues, requirements and general comments directly back to the organisation. This grass roots feedback will play a valuable role in shaping the development of EMVCo's future tactical and strategic work priorities and EMVCo's increased openness will hopefully stimulate further industry engagement."

The EMVCo Executive Committee consulted with the EMVCo Board of Advisors, comprising representatives from the global payments industry, on the subscriber services model in June 2008. The outcome is reflected in the decision to finalise the proposal for introduction to the industry in early 2009.

Kazuhiro Matsumoto, Executive Vice President of Global Infrastructure and Technologies at JCB International and member of the EMVCo Executive Committee, summarises: "While EMVCo has always sought regular feedback from the Board of Advisors, supplemented by more ad hoc meetings with various payment related audiences over recent years, a regular dialogue with active participants is desirable to ensure that EMVCo's standardisation efforts are reflective of the needs of the wider payments community. The new subscription programme and user meeting will help to facilitate this channel of communication.

"The role of EMVCo has expanded in recent years, from developing and maintaining the core EMV Specifications to accommodating additional standardisation requirements brought about by contactless and mobile payments technology. Subscription fees will be reinvested into the organisation in support of its ongoing and future role in furthering standardisation of new payment methods and environments, on behalf of the global industry."

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