Tethys' algorithm analytics available on Townsend Analytics' EMS

Source: Tethys Technology

Tethys Technology and Townsend Analytics, a leading provider of multi-broker, multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-route electronic trading solutions for the global capital markets have agreed to supply clients with direct access to Tethys' highly-acclaimed algorithm analytics via Townsend's RealTick execution management system (EMS).

This alliance enables both firms' clients to tap into the entire Tethys suite of algorithm analytics on the RealTick platform. Used around the world by mutual funds, traditional asset managers, hedge funds and broker-dealers, Tethys algorithm analytics help traders:
  • Reduce market impact
  • Maximize liquidity addition rebate capture
  • Minimize execution footprint
  • Avoid algorithm gaming routines
  • Quickly execute high alpha decay trades
  • Adapt to market participation levels
  • Perform options hedging
  • Minimize market impact

"Tethys algorithm analytics are extremely unique. We avoid pitfalls of traditional methodologies and our models are designed to adapt in real-time to changing market conditions. Our impeccable performance, consistency and broker-neutrality continues to propel our growth," states Tethys spokesperson Deirdre Cogger. "As a global broker-neutral, multi-asset and multi-route EMS, RealTick will help us broaden our reach globally and allow us to add additional routes and pools of liquidity as desired," she adds.

"A well-known resource in Wall Street circles, Tethys algorithm analytics are highly regarded for their sophistication," states Thomas Kim, Managing Director, Global Head of Trading Services for Townsend Analytics. "We are proud to offer these powerful algorithms through our current network of broker-dealers, and anticipate strong demand from additional Broker Dealers who want to offer their customers access to these analytics through a world-class EMS such as RealTick," he adds.

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