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Jalpa Shah

How Should Banks Approach Their Digital Banking Journey?

Much has been written over the last several years about the importance of banks transitioning their business to a digitally enabled bank. A recent report by Forrester on The State of Digital Banking T...

24 Jul 2019
Jalpa Shah

Capturing The Millennial Market With Mobile Banking

For some segments of the population, mobile banking technology may still seem like a recent innovation. For younger generations, however – people considered “digital natives”, this generation has lit...

09 Jul 2019
Millennial Banking
Jalpa Shah

Transforming Customer Engagement Experience with Conversational Banking

The acceleration of consumers using mobile devices represents how quickly society has adopted these technologies and the stress they are putting on traditional business models. This is represented by...

29 Jun 2019
Jalpa Shah

Key factors to consider when selecting a Digital Banking Vendor

Over the past few years, the banking customer journey has been re-engineered courtesy of the rapidly advancing technology landscape. With this, banking incumbents have had several dimensions of change...

11 Jun 2019
Jalpa Shah

Six ways banks can use digital innovation to transform corporate banking

Banks have always been keen to embrace new technologies. They have to contend with extremely high volumes, zero tolerance for errors and instantaneous processing requirements, while at the same time

04 Jun 2019