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Dennis Gada

Why banking passwords will soon disappear

Banks, understandably concerned with improving security amidst rising investments in payment technologies, are turning to biometrics for an answer. It is estimated that the market for biometric identi...

27 Sep 2016
Dennis Gada

How Banks and FinTech Start-Ups Can Work Together

Even after the global economic crisis of a decade ago, the world’s largest banks have continued operating much like they always have because of the belief that they were “too big to fail.” Governments...

16 Sep 2016
Dennis Gada

Artificial intelligence in banking - will it manage your life?

How can Banks help customers manage money throughout their life? In the early days of banking, bankers knew customers and could guide and advise them in person. Today's digital models have taken away ...

12 Aug 2016
Dennis Gada

Blockchain: a case for the general ledger

Money transfer transactions account for more than $500 billion in the financial services ecosystem. While the quantum of the market grows exponentially, the system facilitating payments continues to o...

20 Jul 2016
Dennis Gada

Is SIRI your future banker?

It might be free of cost, offering support round the clock – but when was the last time you hung up satisfied after being on call with the Instant Voice Response support? Online banking too has its li...

27 May 2016