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Derek Garriock

Navigating the best path through the fire hose of data

We’re all living in a data-rich world with a non-stop fire hose of personal information. The challenge faced now relates to the accurate and critical analysis of the constant flow of data we’re presen...

17 Dec 2015
Derek Garriock

Money is an important issue for the majority. Consequently, where a person banks is too.

With new entrants joining the banking world, individuals have more choice, and there is increased competition for the sector. However, for new entrants, encouraging people to switch to them from the ...

14 May 2015
Derek Garriock

Will smartphone payments outpace credit and debit cards by 2020?

Recent research has suggested that by 2020, credit and debit card payments will no longer be the preferred method of payment, with paying by smartphone taking over. If this expectation becomes reality...

30 Apr 2015
Derek Garriock

Branch vs Digital - The account opening battleground

Recent research on account opening from McKinsey looked at the sales conversion rates for branch versus digital and found what looks like a huge gulf in success. The research suggested that in-branch ...

09 Mar 2015
Derek Garriock

SEPA and 2015 - 3 Predictions For Corporates

This time last year adoption rates for The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), particularly for direct debits, were still woefully low. For those who are unaware, SEPA is a payment-integration initiativ...

20 Jan 2015