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Elizabeth Lumley

You can believe in unicorns, I’d rather plant seeds

A famous quote from investor Warren Buffet goes along the lines of: "Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” I’m going to turn that quote around. Ba...

09 Nov 2015
Elizabeth Lumley

My cause for 2015 - Bank accounts for all!

Now that I find myself running an accelerator in the FinTech space I get asked a lot of questions. What is the value for the startups? What do the banks get out of it? Are any real projects complete...

08 Oct 2015
Elizabeth Lumley

This journey ends with a brief goodbye...but not for long

There are times and dates in your life when you look back and think – yes, that was when my life did a pivot. When you feel your world turn and find yourself facing a new and sometimes scary direction...

25 Jun 2015
Elizabeth Lumley

My trip to payments geek paradise...

...and I loved it. Payments professionals from a wide range of geographies gathered in Barcelona for Nacha’s Payments Innovation Alliance last week. The main topics of conversation centred on real-tim...

11 Jun 2015
Elizabeth Lumley

Go forth young'uns and get me some 'innovation!'

I had dinner on Sunday night with three 13 year old girls. They were the daughter and two friends, of a close friend of mine I hadn't seen in a while. In addition to catching up on old times over a bo...

26 May 2015
Disruption in Retail Banking
Elizabeth Lumley

I had a bank in Indonesia

It has long been my personal feeling, based on over 20 years writing about banks (or banking or financial services or FinTech, what have you) that anyone who thinks it would be a good idea to start a ...

05 Feb 2015
Disruption in Retail Banking
Elizabeth Lumley

Women in FinTech: Clare Flynn Levy, founder and CEO of Essentia Analytics

If you go to as many conferences as I do in the financial services and technology space (or FinTech for the hashtag friendly) you are used to bumping into the same people over and over again. You are ...

30 Jan 2015