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Sean Bowen

What About the Data Financial Exchanges Distribute?

Ever wonder how much data is distributed by financial exchanges a day? What about an hour or even a second? I’ve tried to find the answer today, but the numbers are staggering. So with no consistent o...

17 Oct 2013
Sean Bowen

Worldwide Devices to Reach 2.35 Billion this Year

As mobile applications become increasingly important to users, many companies are failing to leverage them to boost consumer engagement. According to recent Genesys research, there are an estimated 1 ...

16 Oct 2013
Sean Bowen

Two-thirds of CIOs have big data on agenda

Over 92% of CIOs have not taken their big data initiatives beyond the planning stage, according to research from Gartner. While 64% of the 720 organizations surveyed globally have big data investment ...

15 Oct 2013
Sean Bowen

Real-Time Information Vital to Risk Management

All business activities come with an element of risk, whether it’s strategic or operational failures, financial failures or even environmental disasters. Risk comes in all forms and affects all areas ...

20 Sep 2013
Sean Bowen

What is Intraday Risk and What is True Real-Time Risk?

You need to service customers and employees on mobile devices such as browsers, tablets and smartphones with live, dynamic information. But within the financial services industry (amongst many other i...

19 Sep 2013
Sean Bowen

Location Data Is Transforming The Mobile Industry

According to an article I read last week, with over 770 million GPS-enabled smartphones, location data has begun to permeate the entire mobile space. The possibilities for location-based services on m...

26 Aug 2013
Sean Bowen

4 Reasons to Manage Mobile Devices with a Single Platform

When it comes to mobile development, removing complexity will save both time and money. With the spiraling variety of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, this has become a major issue. Her...

26 Aug 2013
Sean Bowen

Data Distribution Hardware and Infrastructure Costs

For organizations that depend on live data for their business, achieving network efficiency and effective data management while minimizing the hardware costs associated with making ‘it all happen’ are...

25 Jul 2013
Sean Bowen

Riding the Wave of Mobile Banking

Smartphones have created a consumer demand for all lifestyle tools to be packaged in one neat space that we keep in our pocket and can access on the go, from any location. Improvements in security an...

06 Jun 2013
Sean Bowen

The Mobile Revolution

Mobile technology has revolutionised the financial services industry by eliminating traditional methods of working. With people spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before, this service...

17 Apr 2013
Sean Bowen

2013: The Year of Real Time

A recent blog post from analyst house Forrester has predicted that real-time analytics will be a key focus area within Big Data in 2013. The reason? The ability to quickly take on board new informati...

21 Jan 2013