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Robert Siciliano

Debit cards: signature or PIN what's what?

What kind of debit card do you have? The two types are direct debit cards and deferred debit cards. Direct debit Use of a PIN (personal identification number), which the bank issues or you choose. Ca...

28 Dec 2013
Robert Siciliano

Isis mobile wallet goes live

Isis Mobile Wallet allows you to make purchases with your phone—a technology that just went live. Just wave your Isis-compatible smartphone at select cash registers to buy soda or taxi service, via Is...

22 Dec 2013
Robert Siciliano

Managing your digital afterlife

Ever thought of who’d get your assets should you meet an untimely death, or even if you’re 99 and sensing that the time to check out is very soon? You may know whom you want to receive your assets, bu...

21 Dec 2013
Robert Siciliano

8 tips to prevent post holiday credit card fraud

With your cards being used online, over the phone and in person it’s easy to lose track of purchases. The key is keep good records and be diligent about your security. Here are eight great tips that w...

18 Dec 2013
Robert Siciliano

Child identities need more legal protection

Identity theft can involve children. In fact, it’s a growing problem. The thief takes a child’s Social Security number and either uses their name or assigns it to a different name and always changes t...

16 Dec 2013
Robert Siciliano

What is a data breach and how do I protect myself?

When protected, sensitive or confidential data is accessed or used by someone without authority, this is a data breach. This can involve any kind of data such as personal health, financial, or busines...

09 Dec 2013
Robert Siciliano

100 person identity theft ring busted

This year, one of the biggest identity theft rings originating from Minnesota was prosecuted—spanning 14 states and involving hundreds of victims. Total theft exceeded $2.5 million, and major retailer...

07 Dec 2013
Robert Siciliano

Digital wallets will save us!

When you leave your home or apartment in the morning, you might pack up a small bag of whatever you need for the day, which might change daily. But what doesn’t change is the three things you always h...

21 Nov 2013
Robert Siciliano

Should You Post Pictures of Children Online?

Most people give no thought whatsoever to posting pictures of their children online. They are proud of their kids, they love them…so why not show the world how wonderful they are so others can enjoy e...

16 Nov 2013
Robert Siciliano

Data brokers hacked and used for identity theft

Did you know you can buy Social Security numbers (SSNs) online? It’s legal to do so in most cases, and pretty much anyone who has an internet connection can make a purchase. Information brokers or dat...

13 Nov 2013
Robert Siciliano

Passwords: Fingerprint, heartbeat or brainwaves?

There is no such thing as a truly secure password; there are only more secure or less secure passwords. Passwords are currently the most convenient and effective way to control access to your accounts...

12 Nov 2013
Robert Siciliano

I Really Want My Phone to Be My Wallet

Wallets suck. Seriously. Mine hurts my butt when I sit down. I have to remember to take it with me, and then I’m always afraid of losing it. There’s nothing fun about it. And…well…it’s dirty. It reall...

11 Nov 2013