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Stephen Wilson

Banks really know their customers

A few months ago, the Australian banking consortium BPAY announced the cancellation of its promising and well funded account portabilty MAMBO. What does this mean for the even more audacious plans for...

13 Dec 2011
Stephen Wilson

Taking full advantage of Chip

The Atlanta Federal Reserve's Cindy Merritt -- assistant director of the Retail Payments Risk Forum -- offers a refreshing, plain talking critique of the PCI-DSS regime. She goes to the heart of the m...

02 Jun 2011
Stephen Wilson

Do digital wallets leave 3D Secure behind?

Visa's digital wallet seems to take a different path from 3D Secure. If it's "digital" I wonder if it's interoperable online and how might it work over Internet? The digital wallet will stor...

11 May 2011
Stephen Wilson

Is Sony PCI DSS compliant?

It's been over a week and a zillion blog posts and tweets have already circulated about the PlayStation Network breach. Yet one security issue has yet to be canvassed. I'm more than a little surpris...

27 Apr 2011
Stephen Wilson

What to do about the SecurID hack?

RSA's public response to the compromise of its famous SecurID One Time Password is curious. On the one hand, it's admirable to have disclosed that they've been 'hacked'; on the other hand, their pu

21 Mar 2011
Stephen Wilson

Are banks ready for the new identity ecosystem?

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) released by the Whitehouse last month, is a proposal for a new “ecosystem” of diverse Internet IDs. It is the latest incarnation of...

26 Jan 2011