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Stephen Wilson

Can't we simplify digital identity?

Why is digital identity so tricky? The past decade is littered with earnest initiatives that failed to meet expectations (like the Australian Trust Centre) or consortia that over promised and unde

25 Aug 2010
Stephen Wilson

National security implications of weak hotel databases

The Destination Hotels & Resorts cyber security breach is not the first report of credit card details being stolen from hotel databases. Hotels are a fantastic target for identity thieves. Hotel...

02 Jul 2010
Stephen Wilson

Lateral business cases for EMV in the US

The announcement that a US credit union will be the first to issue EMV cards proves there is more than one way to make the business case for chip. The United Nations Credit Union says it wants its cu...

16 May 2010
Stephen Wilson

Done nothing wrong and yet ...

For those who are cynical about privacy, this case should provide food for thought. If a banker is able to make these sorts of backroom, opaque and biased determinations about a customer on the basis...

26 Feb 2010
Stephen Wilson

US cardholders can take different paths with chip

I'm excited by the advent of chip cards aimed at travellers. One of the red herrings that hold up the chip card rollout states-side is that merchant enablement will cost billions. That's true, but y...

13 Feb 2010
Stephen Wilson

Don't be so cynical about privacy

Reports of the death of privacy abound, but they're premature. There are certainly those who, on the sly, would seek its demise, for privacy tends to get in their way. Like politicians on a post 9-11

23 Jan 2010